Mar 9, 2010

Camera Case

Here's a nice little find I recently made at Dollarama.  A solid camera case for a digital camera. Before buying this I had been using free cosmetic bags that I would get in promotions at department stores because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a case.  I was very happy to find this case at the dollar store.  It comes with a long strap so that you can carry it on your shoulder and a small pocket in the front for spare batteries.  For today's small digital cameras there is plenty of room to fit the camera and a usb wire in the main pouch.  There were a few colours to choose from.

Feb 18, 2010

Ashley's Mint Sticks

I was browsing Dollarama today and came across these in the food aisle: Ashleys Mint Sticks.  I love mint chocolate and by the look of the box, it seemed like a great deal for 1 dollar!  I was extremely disapointed when I opened the box and found only 12 thin sticks in all.  Not only was there not a lot in the box but the taste wasn't that great either.  This is not something I will purchase again.

Dec 21, 2009

Sesame Street containers

Here is a really exciting find from Dollarama- Sesame Street snack containers and straw sippy cups!  My kids were very excited to eat their snacks out of Elmo's mouth!  Elmo is shown here in the picture but there are other characters available including Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Abby.  The small snack container is great too because it only opens halfway so there is less of a chance for kids to spill their snack.

Alphabet and Number wall decorations

Here's a great find for teachers and new parents on a budget.  Dollarama has some great teacher display items.  Here are two examples of the displays available.  A long strip to put up with the alphabet (with pictures that correspond to English words) and numbers from 1 - 20.  I've put up these strips in my classroom as well as my children's bedroom.  It's a simple, educational and really affordable way to decorate a kids' space.

Noxzema facial cleanser

I was happy to see this great deal at dollarama recently- Noxzema daily exfoliating cleanser for $2.00.   I have been using it everyday for about a week and am very happy with it.  It smells fresh and has small exfoliating beads in it.  My usual cleanser is St. Ives Apricot Scrub at the pharmacy and that retails for about $3.99 on sale!  This is a very comparable product at half the price.  Great deal!

Vim Floor Cleaner

I recently spotted a full-size bottle of Vim floor cleaner at Dollarama.  I thought it was a great deal but after using it a few times on my floor I was not impressed. I found that it left a filmy residue and my floors didn't feel completely clean.  I will not be purchasing this again.  I much prefer the smaller size pine-sol that is also sold at dollarama.

Dec 10, 2009

Holiday decor

Being a teacher, I love going into dollarama before a special day like Christmas or Valentine's Day.  There are always lots of decorations that I can buy cheaply for my classroom or even my home.  This year I bought some window decorations and a big paper snowman to display.  I also liked the art supplies that I found with a holiday theme.  I could make tree ornaments with gingerbread shaped art foam and decorate it with glitter glue- all from dollarama!  I even found a full snowman suit for $2.00!

Winter hats, gloves, scarves

Winter has hit and being the mom of two toddlers I know how difficult it can be to keep track of everybody's winter "stuff".  Hats, gloves, scarves always seem to be missing in those crucial minutes before we have to head out the door in the morning.  My solution is simple: have lots of extras.  Dollarama's selection of winter hats, gloves and scarves has greatly improved over the years.  I went and loaded up on all different hats and mittens for my kids so that I would always have some when I needed even if something got lost outside or is hiding under the couch.  One piece that I particularly liked for toddlers was a neckwarmer shaped like a turtleneck.  It's got a turtleneck and two pieces of material for the front and the back.  I like it because it stays on, no risk of strangulation and it also covers some of their back and chest. 

Dec 5, 2009


Dollarama is a store with a lot of hidden treasures. As a mom and a teacher and I love to go often to see what new items I might find. I am often amazed at what I can find for my home, my kids and my work. I created this blog to share the treasures I found and the things to avoid. Comments are always welcome as well as your own suggestions! Enjoy